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Any user of this or any other affiliated website hereby agrees to all terms and conditions stated on this page. This page provides information, which in all exempts CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc., its executives, directors and any persons affiliated within from any and all possible liabilities. Any online user who does not comply with the terms listed on this page should not continue to browse our websites, affiliated website and/or linked web pages. If there are any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 514-382-2275.

CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. respects your privacy. We will only collect, store and use your personal information for defined purposes. The information that you provide us with will be kept confidential and will only be used to support your customer relationship with CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. Information we request includes your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, type of business, credit card details, customer preference information, as well as other similar/relevant personal information. We use your information to support and enhance our relationship with you. This refers to our ability to process your purchase, provide service and support, and share news regarding products, service and company offerings with you. We do not sell your personal information. At any time you may contact CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. with any privacy questions or concerns you may have. You may also ask at any time to view the personal data you have given us and request a correction or deletion of your personal information. We strive to protect the security of your personal data by using enhanced encryption technology provided by our GeoTrust security certificate.
CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. will not sell, trade, or rent your information to others. Personal information, such as your name, address and phone number or information regarding your order and the products you have purchased, will not be sold to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation without your consent. Please be aware that other websites accessed through canucme.com may collect personally identifiable information about you. The information practices of those third party websites linked to CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. are not covered by this privacy statement. CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. reserves all rights herein and is not responsible for any actions of a third party.
CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. are committed to data security with respect to information collection on our site during your shopping experience. We offer the industry standard in security measures using advanced encryption from our GeoTrust security certificate. If at any time, however, you would like to make a purchase but do not feel comfortable transmitting your credit card information over the internet, do not hesitate to call one of our sales representatives by telephone at 514-382-2275.
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Be sure to provide us with the exact credit card number, expiration date, PIN number and billing address that your credit card issuer has on file. Please note that CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. will only charge your card once your order has shipped and only for the items that have shipped along with the relevant shipping costs that apply.
Please be aware that CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. reserves the right to accept or cancel your order at any time. Our receipt of your order and your receipt of our order confirmation does not signify the acceptance of your order.
Although our goal at CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. is to have enough items that we would never be out-of-stock, the reality is that we do occasionally run out of particular items. In the event that we do run out of stock, we will ship the rest of your order with the exception of the out-of-stock item, charging your credit card only for the items shipped. We will backorder the item only on the condition that we can deliver the item in a timely manner. At CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. we make all possible efforts to contact the customer concerning the out-of-stock item and work together with the customer to ensure their satisfaction.
In rare instances, products may vary in appearance from that of their online photos. Due to the manufacturer's production, some products are subject to change without notice. Unfortunately, these changes are beyond our control. We realize that this may cause an inconvenience but please be aware that CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. makes every effort to update product information to match the current styles that manufacturers are producing. While products shipped should match in basic form, shape and appearance, there is always a chance that models will be updated to newer versions. Any discrepancy may be brought up with CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc.. Attempts to contact the customer will be made if the product is no longer available, out-of-stock, or has been drastically changed.
All products listed on CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. websites are subject to availability. In the event that a product is no longer available, CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. will make all the necessary efforts to contact the customer concerning a replacement. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price due to pricing information or technical error, CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order placed for any item listed with an incorrect price.
The majority of our items are shipped direct from our warehouse in Canada. International shipments may be subject to duties and/or fees which are determined by the appropriate government agency. Quoted totals on international shipments do not include any taxes, VAT fees or any duties charged at the country of delivery. Clients may choose a broker or use UPS to handle brokerage fees.
This website is controlled and operated by CANUCME & Bon-Mar Textiles Inc, located and incorporated federally in the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. Any disputes between this website and a visitor must be resolved in a competent legal court of law in the city of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.
This website and all materials found on it are protected by copyright and other laws. This website and its contents may not be copied, published, distributed, downloaded, transmitted or converted in any form be they electronic or otherwise without the prior written consent of the owner of the copyright.
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