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Night Vision
How it works


Our reflective t-shirts are able to keep you safe at night by making you visible using retroreflectivity.


Our graphics are made using 3M™ Scotchlite™ glass bead technologies.  Each reflective graphic is composed of millions of microscopic glass beads covered in aluminum.


The Bead

The Science

Light passes through the front of the bead hitting the mirrored surface behind it. The light bounces off the mirrored surface and back through the glass bead, reflecting back towards the driver’s eyes.


In simpler terms that I can understand, the headlights of the oncoming car bounce of my shirt and the light goes back into the driver’s eye making him see me so he doesn't run me over.



Our reflective t-shirts are designed with the large graphic on front as standard protocol is to walk facing traffic, so even if the driver doesn't see you, you have a chance of seeing him and diving out of the way.



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